What is XJ’s Random Rambles Re-Invented?

A blog about all things I love from the sea to the summit & am sharing my journey with you.

Why “Re-Invented”?

1.) Writing used to be my secret love affair and I just decided maybe I should rekindle my old flame in a cocktail of all my other ones – The mountains, oceans, travels, adventures, food & drinks (Highly flammable if you haven’t seen my flambé le Phoenix!)

2.) I’ve learned to listen. I may be all over the place, we just met & I talk too much sometimes but when WE talk, I’m listening… listening deeply to what you have to say, your thoughts, your excitement, your struggles, how I can be useful & help, your criticism & feedback, how I can do better & etc etc… absorbing all information that resonates with me like a sponge… we may not speak or meet everyday or even years but when WE do, I’m here again & listening… So, I’m putting all that into ACTION after 5 years of finding myself… Right here, right now 13 June 2018 as I decide to embark on a “new” journey to go further & climb higher.

3.) To simply bring you the Truth – Trust me… my life is not as perfect as the pictures I take &/or how I’ve somehow managed to portray a “perfect” #islandlife on social media. They are perfect if you know where to stand, how to take them, indulge in the moment and what to post. So believe me like my mama always say “The Magic is YOU!”

How will you share your “Re-Inventions”?

I’ll share with you my journey in writing about how I am pursuing my passions & adventures. My thoughts, learnings, successes & failures (LOTS of failures! & sometimes painful ones but don’t worry they heal… I won’t die therefore I don’t cry… one should only cry because it makes you feel better!)

There are no hard & fast rules of when I write & post. No expectations from anyone reading, agreeing / disagreeing, liking / disliking… I’m blogging because I’m blogging & I must love it before you get it! Perhaps, we will learn together.

Who are you?

Your friend. But in case we’re not yet friends & have not met in person, I’m Xjilien Tan (only 1 in the world) a corporate hippy, rocket fueled by passion (sometimes wind or solar-powered too), relentlessly chasing my dreams & living my never-ending adventures from the seas to the summits around the world.

Where will this take you?

No expectations, I don’t know & who cares?… But HEY let’s GO & the story will unfold.

It’s an adventure! 😊🤘🏼

“Nothing ventured nothing gained, he/she who dares drink champagne!”