Rambling #30 – Thank You & Bye Bye 2019

As usual, it’s that time of the year where almost everyone I meet would ask “What is next?” and “What is your New Year’s resolution?” I said Hit REPEAT & climb my Second Mountain with XJ v2.0. Make 2020 & the new decade – Bigger, Bolder & Better than BEFORE… but please don’t die in the process. Resolutions shouldn’t just be an annual plan but an honest, authentic life plan for yourself. To put it simply, my dreams drive my goals, my goals drive my “NO”s & when that happens it basically means, “F***-it, I don’t do it!” or in a polite gentle way, “Sorry, it’s not my priority.”

Here’s my final score for 2019 & the decade.

Top 5 Things I will continue to pursue in 2020…

  1. Mountaineering – Continue to pursue alpine technical expertise & train smarter till the next window of opportunity to climb the next peak in Oct 2020.
  2. Sailing – Continue to race & collect more nautical miles in countries & places I’ve never sailed before.
  3. Photography – Continue… but I’m not sure about writing. Perhaps, writing (& talking) less is also more.
  4. Financial & Career
    – Next 10 years with Microsoft
    – Deliver more than just the core
    – Buy my next property & more properties
  5. Family – Always a priority. Family first – Beach House & the Fun Tans!

Lastly, don’t ask me how! I don’t know how but I simply play my experimental game every year! Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but who cares as long as there’s a lot of passion, learning & fun!

I have learned the hard way to make me who I am today. I will never ever forever change that & lose it all again like 17 years ago. As you read, I hope you feel the passion running from my brains to my veins with every single heart beat. Then, when we finally meet, you will see stars sparkling though my soul when we talk & discuss about exciting adventures of the past & the future because I know with calm & confidence, I will continue to live & thrive & have no time for b***shit & stupid shit. (I know some of you will giggle by now!)

Top 5 Life Lessons in the last decade

  1. The Magic is YOU – is what Mom always say! It is true. Photography has taught me how to see & feel. It has showed me how to appreciate the micro, macro & wide angle perspectives of life! Capture souls not just smiles is what they say. Happiness is also within all of us like my cook during my expedition. He who said “I have no choice but to be happy everyday” when asked about his village life as a farmer who barely make ends meet. He always give his 110% and with a smile at any time of day in any condition in the 2 wks I was with him! Beat that!!

    2. Be careful what you wish for – This is a dangerous one because wishes do come true! Not all “good” things are necessarily always good for you & not all “bad” things are necessarily always bad for you. Let it all come & go with the flow but sometimes its best to let go than try to control!

    3. Never ever judge anyone because you didn’t walk in their shoes – This is something I didn’t quite fully understand until I learned it this year. Long story, ask me next time when we meet! It has taught me not to get angry at anyone anymore but to always give benefit of the doubt when in doubt. “If you have nothing nice to say, best say nothing at all.” Thumper from Bambi

    4. Live the life you want to live because we don’t owe it to anyone – This is the Tan Clan. We are responsible for ourselves as individuals & wish each other well.

    5. Always pay it forward & have empathy – Like positive Karma, I am constantly reminded to count my blessings & make my blessings count! Until you’ve seen true hardship in life, I think majority of us forget how lucky we are that none of us deserve to whinge & complain! For me, I trust positive Karma & I just want good people on my side so that there will always a good PARTY!

So everyone of us have 365 days, 7 days a week, 24 hrs a day yet why just 8%-9% of people achieve their New Year’s resolution? Some learn, some don’t? Some got lucky, some got unlucky? I think most give up too easily like those people I see in the gym from January to February only. 🙂

For me, the last decade was one hell of a wild ride with very steep peaks & troughs through rocky windy roads & muddy fields but I did & achieved much more than I ever dreamed about in my entire life. 2019 was a particularly crazy one bigger than ever where I literally nearly broke my back (with slipped disc!) and my bank account just trying to survive. Yet I took a BIG gamble & a big leap with my life & I was lucky to have high scored & didn’t die! I guess, this is when I know I have truly lived & thrived not just merely survived. Therefore, I feel it is time to give back & be the greater good than ask for more in the new year & new decade especially when life is so fragile & turbulent sometimes. I want to go to heaven when I die… LOL 😛

Like my training plan, just focus on the core & do much more is my game plan! That SIMPLE! Thank you for joining me on my rollercoaster ride in 2019! ❤

“The more you realize the smallness of your existence, the larger will become your presence.”


“What you do makes a difference. And you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

Jane Goodall

7 thoughts on “Rambling #30 – Thank You & Bye Bye 2019

    1. Just do it! Make it big, bold & daring yet keep it simple & achievable! This is my 7th year & the results have not disappoint… I’ve only surprised myself on things I never thought could do! Thanks for having me in 2019! I hope we will meet again! ❤

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