Rambling #29 – The Awakening

So today is her last day in the company she loves,
The company where she felt secure, proud & privileged,
Where she worked on world-class brands & supply chains of her inspiration for a whole decade.
To think she has gotten this far is an achievement beyond her imagination,
Especially when she started in the midst of 2009 global economic crisis against Matured graduates, Red Brick & Oxbridge.
She was always the final 10 to 20 applicants amongst the 1000 to 2000 applications,
The final 1% until she finally succeeded & crossed this bridge,
In the UK, a country where she neither belong,
Nor does she carry its passport, born in the right descent or even speak its native accent.

Who is she to deserve this enriching path of 10 years, 3 months, 2 regions, 7 incredible assignments later,
The worst grandchild,
The most stubborn child,
The wild child who never gives up,
Because she always want, what she wants,
And that is to be like her Daddy when she grows up.

He did say be careful what you wish for my dear child because dreams do come true.
So she watched, listened and learned.
She lived the dream that is truer than true,
Where everyday she felt ever so blessed, grateful & thankful.
Then, who knew she would grow up to be her own leader,
And her own biggest fool.

The time has come to set herself free,
To go where her heart beats,
And to dance to the rhythm of her own drumbeat.
There is always a risk & life itself has no guarantees, but she knows she has little fear & is full of grit.
Therefore, there is no better time than now to play the symphony of her own music.

She is a wild woman…
Don’t try to tame her because you will never succeed,
But if you set her heart on fire & it burns with desire,
She might follow your lead. ❤

That’s it folks, I’m off to climb my “2nd Mountain”.
When 1 door closes, the other door opens,
So watch this space for more exciting updates… Cheers to infinity & beyond! 🥳🥂🍾🚀💫✨

Special thanks to all these folks below for manifesting this dream, helping me build my strengths & instilling this unbreakable courage that eventually lead me to this BIG BOLD, pretty scary leap into the new frontier!

– P&G for the amazing 10 years!
– Protege Asia (Mentoring Women In Business) – Louise Tagliante, Nicole Moddocks & Sandra Yee
– JK Executive Coaching – Joerg Kuehn
– Your Personal Everest – Mitch Lewis
– Captain Motoyuki Sato of S/Y Nakula – “Dreams can come true if you break it down into small parts. The excuse not to make it is yours.”
– Captain Shaun Norris
of Team Witblits – “We’ll never win if we always follow what everyone else is doing. More importantly, we learn together, make the mistakes & find our own way!”
– Uncle Vincent – “If you’ve never tasted the best, how do you know what is the best? You got to be so good that they can’t say No. Only reason for them to say No is because they can’t afford it.”
– Uncle Ho – “Every once in awhile, you need to make time to F the World… Let’s go fishing!”,
– Coach Jamie – “Always climb higher & be prepared to fail because when you make it, you’re already there & ready for more.”
My Super Fun Tans & Beach House Family, inspiring neighbours & friends

Climbing Your Personal Everest: A Journey of Self Discovery and Leadership by Mitch Lewis

Climb Higher: Pursue Your Passion with Purpose by Mitch Lewis

The Second Mountain: The Quest for a Moral Life by David Brooks