Rambling #27 – Priorities and The Pressure is ON

So it’s August. Hat-trick did not happen in July. They were kind of distractions but would be nice to have. At least I made space & tried. I’m sure there are bigger & better reasons out there why things didn’t work out. Work took over nearly everything since June. When this happens, I am torn between my own personal principles where I do not leave any issues unresolved yet not let work priorities get in the way of my family & self. In fact, I find the issues that happened in the first place are quite silly & extremely uninspiring “internal” matters. That’s just my personal opinion & I am paid to do the tasks. So shut up & fix it! Net, my Zen-O-Meter is NEGATIVE.

Anyway, that is just 1 part of life. All other aspects still require care & attention. I must admit I have been slacking for a few weeks & was struggling to find inspiration & time to get going with writing. Weekends have been for sleeping if not sailing before the grumpy grind starts again on Monday. I have been jinxed to inherit a totally frustrating project to deliver. And as usual everything must always happen all at once including the fridge breaking down. Thank goodness my super duper awesome housemates took cared of everything else at home.

There was 1 big lesson for me though – I can be physically there but mentally & emotionally not there! Like a Zombie! This happened (I think it was Friday – Singapore National Day & I decided to take an urgent conference call) while I spent our long planned 4-day family weekend together in our other family home in Phuket.

Dad kind of told me off, which didn’t help matters but I know what he meant. To give a bit more context, he had his own troubles, too… like the storm that broke the pipe of his fish pond & the pump for his new aquaponics project stopped working while we were in Phuket. His fish died and his vegetables will die if the backup wasn’t restored immediately. Regardless, like Mom says, it is not an excuse for anyone to carry their bad mood around. My head was clouded with dark storm clouds building up, waiting for thunderstorm to strike & explode. I was practically like a zombie on holiday. It couldn’t have happened at a better time & I am so sorry for not being the BEST version of me on our little precious time together. On the positive note, I can never be a 2-Faced person & this is the first time in 2019 that it has happened. Like Father, Like Daughter… haha… 😀

I can always change uninspiring environments by choosing not to be there but family I can’t & don’t want to because I am so blessed to be with the coolest people in life including my housemates & the doggies! In Phuket, my super creative sisters were into their own projects, hot boys & university planning, Mom was kicking asses in her Muay Thai classes while Dad was like me… in search of his Zen-ness, working remotely & problem solving.

The only time I ever watch TV is with these guys
Mommy Muay Thai
Cookies & Milk Mode is ON
Playing Monster & Dinosaur – I am not sure who is who
xXx Sisters in the Gym
Dad in search of Zen by the sea like me

I didn’t miss my gym session & I also did quite a bit of research leading up to my preparation. By the looks of it “OMG – I have 8 weeks remaining! Am I physically ready when I haven’t been eating & sleeping properly!!!”

So here’s the game plan & if I achieve just 80% per week, I think I should be good to GO.

So seriously, don’t take offense when I keep turning down social invites for dinners, drinks & hang outs. This is my personal schedule on top of my work schedule which I have “ZERO trust” today that I work ONLY 40hrs a week like what it says in my contract. I can’t say No either because I am the Project Lead! ARGH…

Any how, this is how I am going to work around things & still make it to the TOP… I have adapted the training tips from this website to my personal training regime above:-

Training for Ice & Mixed Climbing Series http://www.timetoclimb.com/climbing/training-mixed-ice-climbing-foundation/

Last but not least, it is only mid-year. Who knows what will happen from Aug to Dec… All I need is just 1 BIG BANG even if miss hat-trick! Because… ❤

“It ain’t over till it is over…”

Rocky Balbao

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