Rambling #25 – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Ready to climb HIGHER? Let’s check-in & see… However, 1 thing for sure, I will be declining social invites & slow in responding to text messages, emails & social network from now on as I do my final ramp up leading to my climb in October. I will be available again in December. Just saying in advance & I hope you eat, drink and dance on my behalf because you understand. 🙂

Progress – Keep Going…

Here’s a comparison of my workout session yesterday 20 July vs 15 July of trekking the treadmill at 15% incline, 3.6km/h and my pack. I have increased from 10kg to 15kg with the same speed, duration & incline. Despite the +5kg, my heart rate below demonstrates that I am not entirely pushing my limits – Ave 149 bpm vs Jan 157 bpm. I was able to do 10 steps X 3 sets per side of cross stepping just to practice my footwork, too.

20th July 2019 – Non-stop 15kg pack & boosted final 10mins

15 Jan 2019 – 10kg pack + 1 min break at 30mins

Not to mention, I had 90 mins instead of 60 mins of weight training prior to trekking the treadmill where I have also increased my weights from:-

  • 3kg to 5kg dumbbells,
  • +1kg on my leg curls (hamstrings) & leg extensions (quadriceps)
  • +1kg on my sit ups & leg lifts
  • more reps for every set

Work in Progress

  • I am attempting to run 10km at least once a week with 1kg ankle weights each side which I have not yet hit my target but at least I no longer blister.
  • Limited alcohol & bad food – I am back to Beer Zero & protein shake.

Need to START!

  • Rock climbing refresher course in Aug & Sep
  • Climbing the staircase once a week with 15kg pack & all gear on

The Mental Game

Whenever I am huffing, puffing & struggling, I usually trick my mind to focus on my breath & “what success looks like, feels like, tastes like” – The Summit & my exponential happiness upon returning to paradise island. All I got to do is keep putting 1 foot forward, 1 pick higher, breathe & repeat. Then, I think & feel less of the suffering. The magnitude of suffering doesn’t change, its my mindset that changed. Similarly, I need to constantly remind myself in order to maintain momentum to allow myself to recover well especially in post-training recovery &…

Why am I doing this?
1) Keeps me focused in life – I care about my lifestyle – How I live, what I eat, who I spend time with, where I spend my money & what do I want to achieve in life.
2) Because of #1 where priorities count – I feel good, look good (fit NOT fat), do good, generally am HAPPIER & positive vibe-ing my surroundings & atmosphere.
3) Therefore, I simply- LOVE IT & am always looking forward to the next ADVENTURE!

But does this mean I will make it? No… There are no guarantees even with the best preparation, best people & best equipment BUT if I don’t go, I’ll never know. Regardless of success or failure, safety is #1 and this Chinese proverb seems to always find its way to me after each trip…


Tian Shi, Di Li, Ren He

Meaning, summit success is only granted to “The right person in the right place, at the right time.” Some factors like the weather & illness is not within anyone’s control, therefore, heaven has to grant you your wish, too but once again, it all begins with YOU. Oh well, I still & always will believe I am LUCKY, so let’s see! My joke of the year – Higher in Altitude, Higher in Attitude” is no longer just a joke but has become Me. ❤

5 thoughts on “Rambling #25 – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

  1. Wow. Great Stuff Xjilien. Which mountain will you climb?

    Cheerio and all the best.

    Keep writing and rocking!

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