Rambling #24 – Stop, Breathe & Reset

As I was writing my script & preparing for another gig last couple of weeks, I realized a few things during my entire struggle with time in June. I am off-track with my training, my blog & I am maxed out on my mental capacity. My room needs a good clean out, my staghorn fern has fallen again, the snails ate all my herbs, the new garden hose won’t fit the tap, I have been surviving on coffee & eating crap on the go the list continues… It’s been too much in out, in out so I said STOP… I NEED TO RESET. I have decided to take this weekend off to reset.

#1 – I love my F*** IT List

When push comes to shove, F*** It List works wonders & keeps all the distraction away.

  • Anything of no purpose or benefit – Non-revenue, no joy, no fun, no love – I don’t do or perhaps keep it to the minimum
  • Priorities (in my To Do List) comes first, especially with invites & requests – “I am sorry I have other commitments (aka commitment to my priorities without being rude)”
  • Repeat – 4-Hr Work Week Principles – Eliminate, Simplify, Automate, Delegate.

#2 – Play like a Champion

Regardless of the situation, stress & negative emotions are all internal. They are just simply a state of mind that others don’t need to know. Therefore, I should bring back all the positive mindset & habits which I was trained to do in tennis tournaments since young & continue to practice that in life. Next time try observing the walk & behaviour of any champion. Watch their behaviour, body language & speech even when they are down. It’s all about being focused & disciplined with the state of mind. Thanks to Women in Business Workshop a couple of weeks ago, I have been reminded of its importance & relevance in my daily life!

#3 – Sleep is IMPORTANT

I haven’t been discipline with my rest aka sleep. I know I am bad at this. I have been malfunctioning & crashing like a dead log on weekends. I need to start scheduling sleep into my day again, starting with time for:-

  1. 15min – Hang Ups before sleep
  2. Then its Device-Free time including my kindle – No reading, no photo editing, no writing, no youtube watching.
  3. Sleep is SLEEP!

If I need to write, I can write in my Dream Book next to my pillow.

#4 – Attitude Towards New, Unexpected Opportunities

 “When a new opportunity finds you, just accept it with grace & make it happen!” says my Chief Encouragement Officer, Mom. “No self-doubts, no negative thoughts, just do with all your heart 101% & make it happen! It didn’t find you if you didn’t have the potential & because you have the potential, yet you didn’t take it, then shame on you for you don’t know what you’re missing” she added. Okayyy… I have already done my part & now the ball is in their court. I have given my best of the bestest shot and if I fail, then I know where I stand. Like my flying lesson 10 years ago, who knew I would have the opportunity to fly a glider & take flying lessons? I went ahead & tried anyway… Then, its been on hold ever since. Sometimes it is just a dream on hold but it ain’t over till my life is over.

Instructor Mike & I
The other glider soaring below us

#5 – Just BE Myself

My regular barista said to me this week about my Mickey Mouse Beats headphones, “I don’t think I can carry that. Don’t take it off, it’s just so YOU & super cool, too!” Yup – reminder to self again & again – Just BE ME! I truly appreciate the little conversations I have with my baristas. Not only they perk me up with the coffee & a smile but we also seem to connect just as normal decent human beings. I am happy to see them as much as they are happy to see me! 😊

So you’re probably going to ask “What script?” “What gig?” “What are you up to this time?”… It will soon be revealed if I succeed. I worked my ass off in June & if I score in July, I am definitely gunning for a Hat Trick in 2019! All fingers, toes crossed… May my dreams come true in July! ❤

“Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.”

Mary Oliver

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