Rambling #23 – Life Artist – Mickey Mouse inspired

Photo by W. Pearce

“I AM THE ARTIST OF MY LIFE!” I felt like yelling at the top of my voice! This was the first thought that came to mind when I opened my eyes this morning. Colourful Care Bears sliding down rainbows, bouncing from cloud to cloud yet each of the Bears have their own super powers! Unfortunately, there are not nice bears, too. But let’s keep them away with minimal interaction. We are all Care Bears in our own little way because we care about something/someone special in our hearts. We all have that something/someone special that we protect & love, we have our own personalities & super powers, too.

Pause & have a think… Yes CUTE! Haha but it’s true too…

My latest purchase besides shopping for ice axe & ice adze & booking flights for July, Aug, Sep… Dr Dre Beats Headphones Special Edition – Celebrating 90 years of Mickey Mouse.

“Oh CUTE!”


“Mickey Mouse Beats!!!???”

Photo from http://www.beatsbydre.com

Mickey’s 90th Anniversary Special Edition – Beats by Dr Dre

Those were the reactions I’ve been getting with my new Mickey Mouse headphones. Haha… Yes so cute. It’s a fashion statement, too. Anyway, I must admit I’m a sucker for cuteness. Guilty. However, cuteness is only skin deep! Like my Omega limited edition Snoopy watches. My spontaneous shopping at Phuket airport means more than that. I was Mickey Mouse inspired “… it was all started by a mouse.” Walt Disney. Steamboat Willie is the original Mouse before it evolved into Mickey!

So don’t underestimate the power of cuteness & a small silly idea like a Mouse! Look 90 years later Mickey’s family & friends grew into a huge global empire & continues to capture the hearts of many!

I bet you never thought so deeply about Disney besides… Oh CUTE!

Secondly, we are Team Mighty Mouse – Karma Sherpa, Tenji & I. Why Mouse? Because the only life we saw for days in the Honku Valley on route to Amphu Lapcha Pass (5856m) was the tail-less mouse. And my German nickname is Mausi which literally means mouse but also means Little Sweetheart. This small little 5’3, island girl from Penang who is mad about mountains (& sailing) … HAH! Sounds cute too like Lilo or Pocahontas??

All the fun & cuteness, why not meaningful too! After 5 years of countless $30 earphones, from now on whenever I listen to music with my Mickey Mouse headphones, I’m rocking it in my own little world. I might even dance a little shuffle… If I think about it, look at Lisa Simpson & her saxophone… Is she a world class musician? Yes to the person personifying Lisa but Lisa in the cartoon is not a world class saxophonist. Does she care about what others think when she plays? No but when she plays don’t you feel you would like to be her, too? Just jazzing it with her jizzle… Freestyle. I’ve always said to myself that if I were to pick up music, I want to play the saxophone like Lisa Simpson. She’s cute, too.

Sorry not so sorry “I am not crazy. My world is just different from yours.” A quote from Cheshire Cat in Alice in The Wonderland.

Rewinding back the weekend in Sibu for “Pirates Turn 40” Birthday escapade, I enjoyed the company, the music, the great vibes but beyond all that, something else caught my mind… that’s why I climbed to the top of the boat before everyone else did. I wanted to indulge in this spectrum of colours, fun, enjoyment & happy people in paradise. I love fun popping colours & great vibes!!! See it, feel it & capture it!!

These people worked their magic & created THIS masterpiece, 1 hell of a party! Also, there’s always a mastermind behind every great party. Therefore, we are all artists of our own lives. It’s a blank canvas but we fill it with the colours we choose to fill. Mine is of course rainbow colours.

Ok and someone appreciated and captured my butt. Cute (too!) according to Bellakini, my bikini supplier who gave me this as a Christmas present last year. Well, my butt is meaningful, too… because I literally worked my ass off & climbed those mountains. I recalled a few years ago when I climbed Mt Kinabalu, the lady in front of me kept complaining & swearing about her hike like filthy farts. I couldn’t stand the foul vibes. She was polluting the air around us. While overtaking, I turned around & said to her “Think positive & keep going! Imagine the nice butt you’ll have after this!” It worked, her negativity stopped & she laughed!

So who put this idea in my head? “You are an artist!!!” “I am an artist!!!” It was Sister Chisholm who put this in my head. She kept saying this to me “You are an artist” while we were hanging out & doing our mini photo shoot in the sunset by the sea. The resort gave me free cocktails for doing the cocktail photo shoot… haha… Bravo!

So, yes I am an artist in my own little way… I will be the Walt Disney of my life! Now let’s paint adventures – be mad, be bold, be creative & splash those colours of Life!! ❤

Watch it here… “… it was all started by a mouse.” https://youtu.be/dTCAqKobu5E

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