Rambling #22 – Win A Photography Award???

ME??? Yes… Facebook reminded me yesterday that I took my 1st Award Winning photograph in my Project 365 – A Photo A Day in 2014. It was a project I started on 1 Jan 2014 after hangover brunch with a friend. We went around town taking photos of the aftermath of NYE parties along the streets of Singapore after brunch, then I randomly blurted out “What if I take a photo a day in 2014?” This way it will force me to improve my photography over time while practicing mindfulness everyday & reminding myself there is happiness somewhere in the day. And my project went rolling, rolling, rolling… and BOOM! This was the project that got so good that people started thinking I no longer work & my first point of realization of the power of social media on society because I’m showing them all the little treasures in my everyday life! LOL…

The true story behind taking this photo was somewhat pre-planned. Just that I didn’t know when it will happen. I always said to myself if I ever get a female taxi driver, I’d make her my Photo of the Day. I had a vision of what I wanted it to be when the moment comes. True enough I met her along the way.

A month after taking this shot, the same friend whom I started Project 365 with encouraged me to sign up for this photo contest. I wasn’t expecting anything given I have only just picked up my entry-level DSLR a Nikon D5200 less than a year ago but I participated anyway. The entries were judged based on the capacity of the image+story to depict the strength, dignity, vulnerability and/or multifacetedness of Women of Singapore. And BOOM – Who knew I’d bag 1 of the top 3 prizes!!!

There were some tough days, too, especially when I was ill in bed or working super long hours. But it doesn’t mean I can’t pick up my camera to capture a moment I cherish. Let’s get creative & it only takes less than a minute to take the shot. My photo of the day rule was defined by my waking hours till the time I went bed & not by the standard 24 hour time frame.

Besides winning this photography award, I learned so much about myself, human nature, perception, story telling & the true meaning of carpe diem / a moment in time which otherwise is gone forever. I made many more new friends, touched the hearts of many, pushing my creative lenses to the max & my photography skills matured, too.

Fortunately, I still haven’t met my husband because according to the taxi lady’s theory, I don’t attend enough BBQ parties. Phew! Otherwise, I’m not sure if I’d be open to experiencing all the wonderful amazing adventures till today. How many men out there has the same dream as I do – I want to sail oceans, explore deep seas, fly helicopters & scale mountains… Mom says “Good luck!” but what if its because 1 man is unable to fulfill everything so why not have 2 or maybe even 3…. LOL… just kidding! A husband is optional not a necessity in my POV! 😛

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