Rambling #21 – Father’s Day Weekend

Here I am again, sat at the airport reflecting upon the weekend & more flight delays…

Well, I didn’t know this weekend meant a lot to my Dad. He was extremely excited that I was visiting our home “away from home.” Its Father’s Day Weekend after all. Like he always says, it’s only a flight away. Just hop on the plane after work on Friday & come for the weekend. Wonderful idea & I am glad I made it, too!

To my amazement, I can’t believe so many amazing things were said from my old man. Maybe things were always pretty sensitive to discuss with him & he is constantly on the Go if it wasn’t me. The once upon a time, a man with zero patience, zero tolerance, intense about work, intense about his passions, intense about everything he does. A man who dislikes status, sense of entitlement, classifications & brand names… Action always speak louder than words. I always reminded my co-workers that at the rate they work, they won’t survive in my family. Perhaps Dad got calmer & wiser after retirement & only does the things he love doing. Still a man of principles & a man of his words just calmer, more understanding & patient.

Dad has always been the owner of Marriott time share but I have never participated because it’s just not me. All my time & money is spent on adventures. But this year, I am committed to spending more time with my family. Simply because the twins are leaving us soon, my brother just moved to Singapore from Boston & my parents had a rough 2018 just like I did.

We stayed in a 2 bedroom villa with our own private pool & garden. He said “This is yours,” but I replied “this is not my style,” at least not now till I am done with adventures. Tell the girl who sleeps anywhere, anyhow & ideally under a billion stars outdoors. The daughter who prefers to sleep in her tent with the dog in the backyard than in her own bedroom. But I must admit, I love my bubble bath. Anyway, I’ll take this as inheritance later especially when I’m planning to liveaboard & sail around the world. It’d be nice to have somewhere lush on land wherever I go around the world.

It’s always so refreshing to be with my family. They are truly special, remarkable, always so entertaining & rejoicing like a breath of fresh air. Our conversations always sounded as if nothing is impossible. There’s always some new projects, new ventures, new ideas… I mean our Saturday breakfast conversation was about building the ultimate Mojito cart. I’d name the first prototype, Mario once Dad finishes. It all started with his aquaponics installation at his friend’s architecture firm. Dad reminded his friend to harvest his herbs since they are all growing so well & the reply was… “Don’t worry. It’s been amazing! We have started Mojito Fridays in our office because of this!”

What did I learn this weekend?

  1. Don’t take life so seriously – Fullfil responsibilities, do it with love & excellence then let go, have fun & enjoy the ride
  1. Don’t give up chasing dreams because majority of the time, most people don’t even know what they really want in their lifetime
  2. You got to really want it before you can have it – There is no menu no rule book, just invent it!
  3. Patience is a virtue – Just like farming, some things are not meant to be rushed but leave it to nature
  4. Downtime is essential not option

Then it’s back to Dad’s favourite magical number – 3. I was telling him how life is pretty cray cray right now & that I’m pretty much fully booked for the year. I told him I’d like to wake up early & go running like how I used to do it with Mandi but I go to bed a bit too late these days. He shared that he read from somewhere that you should only start your day 1hr after wake up time & go to sleep after 1hr wind down time to have the most productive hours. Makes sense to me especially when I have a condition where my heart rate is 38-42bpm that I can’t wake up & go otherwise I’d be dizzy. He also said before going to bed, write down only 3 things you’d do for work the next day & only 3 things you’d do for yourself or family the next day. We laughed about how funny life & priorities work… it’s anyway my habit to start with only 5 things in my Must Do List & if I achieve 3 in the day, I’m already pretty happy & considering it a successful productive day. It’s not my To Do List but a Must Do List.

Hope you had a lovely blessed weekend just like I did! Next week is a new adventure & I guess I can sleep when I am dead… Peace out & signing out with love… ❤

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