Rambling #19 – Magical #3

It’s only June and as crazy as it sounds but my entire 2019 is pretty much fully booked. Unbelievable! Like the view from this cup of tea… I knew this year is going to be a year of hard work, pushing limits & making dreams come true. But every year begins with a metaphorical canvas anyway… It starts with sketching with my imagination, erase when I don’t like the result, tweak when better ideas come to mind, then finally paint in full confidence 1 stroke at a time with anticipation, self-assurance & determination. Eventually, its time to step back, review & reflect by around Christmas time. Whenever I start, I never quite know how it will turn out but I always have a vision in mind of what success feels, tastes, smells & looks like. I may get there, I may not… but if I never try, I never know!

My thoughts this weekend was, the magical number #3…. Think about it, in baseball you have 3 strikes & you’re OUT, in English there’s the expression of being 3rd time lucky, and then in Life, life is like a tripod as Dad puts it. His life theory is “If you break everything down into 3 parts, life is a lot simpler!”

For instance, we all have 24 hrs in a day – If we break 24 hrs into 3 parts, this means:-
– 8 hours of Sleep,
– 8 hours of Work,
– 8 hours of Self/Family time.

Ultimately this should be the goal to a balanced & sustainable lifestyle. Everyone one needs sleep right? So that’s #1. Without self care, there’s no work, no friends & family & no life. How each of us achieve this ratio is up to us but I’m pretty sure we don’t deviate too much on average hours as a human being. However, there are no super successful, high achievers I know in life to date who actually works 9am to 5pm only. 🙂 But they make things work somehow.

Now, if we break our lifetime into 3 parts assuming we could live till 90 years old, this is generally how life goes very broadly:-
– Birth to 30 years old is all about learning – Learning to walk, learning in school, learning at university then learning in our early career.
– 30 to 60 years old is all about doing, growing & figuring things out in life… Application & experimentation of what we have learnt to achieve what we truly want in life. Growing ourselves, growing others & growing the family (if applicable). That’s probably why people face mid-life crisis at ~40 to 50 years old because they finally figured their true identity or true calling or having a severe mental block from life demands. I don’t know the general stats but at least this is what I observed among family & friends.
– Then, 60 years old onwards is about living the life you want live. The happily RETIRED & live life by their own terms, their own style & who cares about the what the world or anyone thinks! (True dat… These folks party harder than I do!) 🙂

If I apply this theory to what I realized this week, it is so true… Because when I was 14 years old, Dad told me “Play all the tennis you want because you can only do it when you’re young. You’ll play your best game up until about 30 years old only. Since you love it & you’re good at it, just do it! School can wait as long as you don’t fail!!” Looking back, this is so true…
– Tennis dream ended long time ago after I got injured, then tennis love ended at ~30 years old
– Mountaineering love started at ~30 years old & will continue till about 60 years old playing my best game!
– Sailing love started at ~30 years old & can continue past 60 years old… This is evident from the sensational senior sailors I know who are living their dream today. They make great coaches in life by the way!

And then, reading this inspiring article this weekend was what inspired me to write this week’s blog:- “Adventurous 76-year-old grandmother attempting unaided global circumnavigation moors in Timaru” https://bit.ly/2XlqoH3

When I am a Grandma, I want to be a badass record breaking Grandma like her!

Therefore, my life priorities are right:-
1) Mountaineering – because it will end by ~60 years old, then
2) Sailing – To sail around the world which is still achievable even past 60 years…

This is by no means de-prioritizing my sailing but it just means, I am in not such a hurry to sail around the world because I still have time even after climbing all the mountains my health & fitness allows me to.

If I simply break the 2 down into smaller parts, just imagine I have at least 20 more mountains to climb in this lifetime assuming I won’t be climb a mountain a year for the next 30 years!!!

This is why I wake up to go to work everyday & try to live life in my BEST of the BESTEST version because my dreams are not that far away.

Life is an adventure NOT a package tour! And I know what is my cup of tea… ❤

*There is a hidden meaning in my cup of tea.. hint hint.. you may see it in my picture above, you may not but if I make it, this is how I will do IT! 🙂

Life is like a cup of tea. Its all in how you make it!


One thought on “Rambling #19 – Magical #3

  1. Love it Xjilien!

    I really like the idea of a tripod! Thanks a lot for sharing!!!

    Have a great week ahead.




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