Rambling #18 – Got a challenge? Find a Solution…

“No amount of security is worth the suffering of a mediocre life chained to a routine that has killed your dreams.”

Maya Mendoza

It’s been a very mad few weeks where we all have responsibilities that may not fit what we truly dream about in life… But what if I turn around & say “I shall build my own routine to live my dreams?”

I work long hours, there are no mountains to climb on my island life, my love – time, money & energy is devoted to sailing (which I have time & can still pursue even when I’m 60 years old… If a grandma can learn to sail at 65, then went around the world twice single-handedly with her Labrador, I certainly have some time!) but I have an insatiable dream… The Mountains… The magical mountains where I can only achieve when I am young (like my tennis) where I am at peace with myself. The few minutes sitting on the summit above the clouds, breathing in the fresh crisp thin air, feeling the sunshine in my face, the first bite of my rock solid frozen energy bar, the first sip of water, overlooking panoramic views of all other icy snow capped summits… the ultimate TASTE of Victory that makes every gram of blood, sweat & tears go away & forgotten as if they never happened.

My Mom used to ask, “Why do you always have to climb so high, above everyone else & sit there by yourself?” I can’t explain it but my heart yearns for it. I wake up every morning dreaming of sailing as I walk through my door, staring at the sea across the road but plotting on how to reach my summit if not planning my day to… BUILD A ROUTINE to live my dreams!

In my family “I don’t know (full-stop)” is an unacceptable answer. There always has to be an explanation or a next step … “I will find out”… “I don’t have time now but will find out later…” … Ultimately how urgent & important is this for you?

So here goes…

The Challenge

Clothes & Pack = 15kg
Footwear = 1914g, <50% oxygen level, >40% incline, potentially up to 12 hour days, -20C temperature, ~20 to 30 knots wind, 1AM Summit push
– La Sportiva G2 SM – 1024g
– Black Diamond Sabretooth Pro Crampons – 890g

How do I train & prepare for this on island life?

Sea Level
Footwear = 2200g, 100% oxygen level, 30C temperature at 100% humidity
– Ankle weights – 2000g
– Trainers – ~200g

I have approximately 4 months left, so what are my options?
– Trek the Treadmill – Max 15% incline but speed & time is variable
– Condo staircase – ~30% incline but step step step steps

And it has to be a mish mash of strength, endurance & recovery.

I don’t know if this is going to work. This is 50-50 based on what know & what I have as resources. I’d rather suffer now so that I can enjoy 1000X more later & celebrate the rest of the year! So let’s go where Google doesn’t know!!! ❤

All above will be at the expense of Social & Sleep

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