Rambling #17 – Capturing Magical Moments

A Magical Moment – 2 Snow White Ponies

Here are some bizarre questions people ask me just because I post pics that I take from the little moments I enjoy & makes me happy. Happiness is only a moment in a point in life. Photography is an art I love. Nothing more, nothing less. And thank you for thinking & imagining that I’m always happy & my life is perfect! 🙂

• Do you ever work?
• Are you still working?
• Who are you? (Yes you read this right & it is not a typo… WHO not How! And I’m surprised no one asked How do you do your photography or live the life the way you do?)

Let me put this straight… no one’s life is perfect & always happy. And if you’re never sad or feeling negative or frustrated, how will you know otherwise? How do you know if the food is good if you’ve not tasted bad food? They also never tell or show you how they took the picture or when they took the picture or what happened before & after. You don’t go airing your dirty laundry on social media or to your friends do you? You want to see my blurry pixelated selfie in geeky glasses & pyjamas in bed working till 4am? (Yeah 4am because its project crunch time like my summit push minus the -30C, crazy wind conditions & >6000m altitude). My philosophy is why share something you don’t like & not proud of? Like the food I cook, my favourite wine & champagne… etc… I won’t share if I myself won’t eat it unless I know it is your favourite. Then yes have it!

Then, of course I work otherwise who pays my bills? I think I work harder than most people & I have never taken a day of sick leave besides my toothache for the past 4-5 years. Besides, who says work has to be painful? Work doesn’t have to be painful. If you do what you love, its actually enjoyable & fun!

And you know what? Regardless, you can do the same too if you stop staring at your devices, taking selfies of your muscles & pouty lips, caring more about likes than what really matters in life. Yet, you can’t stop feeling envious if not jealous or curious of someone else’s life. Curiosity is good because you can learn & reapply then have the same, too! That’s how I personally learn & ask a lot of questions if not ask Google. But the other 2 are bad… very very BAD. Toxic bad. It makes you feel bad & depressed but to the other person, it’s no brainer & they’re simply doing what they love doing. My parents often say “Don’t compare your life with another because you’re not in their shoes.”

I REPEAT – No one.. not mine or anyone’s life is as perfect & happy as it looks like how Social Media portray them to be. For me, I didn’t lie, too. I only share my happy moments with the ART I love, photography. All the pics are mine & a moment that I treasure in time. It’s called being mindful of that particular happy moment. There are plenty of sad ones too but that’s not what I want to photograph or share. I was tasked to be the photographer of my Grandma’s funeral & I just couldn’t it. Until today, I have not shared with anyone (I’m probably being disliked & disappointed by the family for this) & it’s been 5 years. It’s not my profession to be a news reporter but my ART & PERSONAL SPACE. 🙂

For me, I shoot with my heart more than what I see. I have to feel the moment in order to capture that moment. Very often, I vision it before I can take it. I am by no means a professional & am still learning but here are a few quotes that truly resonates with my personal learning journey.

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.”
“Photography is about capturing souls not just smiles.”
“Photography is a love affair with life.”

Why do I love photography? Being the hyperactive me, I think its like what Thich Nhat Hanh says “Many people think excitement is happiness… But when you’re excited you’re not peaceful. True happiness is based on peace.” Today I must admit it is my little few minutes of salvation, my little peace & mindfulness where I seek refuge in my Me time to rest & recuperate.

My favourite example – A day in 2014 at ~3:30am because I couldn’t sleep & decided to go for a walk in my flip flops & pyjamas. I was frustrated with the outcome of my 10pm conference call.

My perspective of society today at where I am (and this is perhaps an over-generalisation in many ways) is people choose to live in the dense concrete jungle with underground tunnels, cares more about status through expensive taste & handbags, complain about 45min commute too far away. They choose to live so close to the office that they forgot their basic manners, how to love, communicate & show gratitude to another human being. They produce more babies in this unloving, uncaring & unnurturing environment because media & society told them so. Then, they constantly eat take out & dump all the single use plastic out. And believe 5G is societies’ advancement & way up. Instead of looking after the family, their well being & general health, they count their pennies, count theirs social media likes & count their steps then wonder why they’re constantly sick or in debt.

Out of the 10 points I just made, I’m sure people in general did consider or do 1 of them. I think people have gone mad with their over reliance to the point of addiction with technology, money & I think the education system did a bad job. First of all, figure out what matters in your life, what makes you happy & find time to pursue them. Even busy parents will need ME time, Couple time, Family time & finally Social time. This is my father’s many philosophies in life but it’s true… As for myself, I found what I love doing & am making sure I make time to do them just like my photography. If I’m not happy, I won’t do well in anything that I do. Even the food that I cook won’t taste good. My Mexican neighbour, Karla used to tell me that there is a movie about this! And that I cook well because I’m happy. Anyway, I have 45mins each way to work & back everyday where I can do my Happy Work everyday before my Corporate Work. So, all you need is a phone with a camera to start with! And you can do the same, too… its FREE so capture your HAPPY MOMENTS! ❤

Here’s how to start:-
• Read this:- https://photographyconcentrate.com
• Basic App – Instagram, VSCO
• More advanced App – Lightroom Mobile, 500px
• If you’re brave enough, take on Project 365 – Just do a search & there are multiple apps to help you. (I didn’t use apps because I knew what I wanted, defined my own rules & I least expected my results to turn amazing!)

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