Rambling #15 – Protégé Mid-Point Review

I love every sunrise & sunset, high & low & HOME

I’m so glad that I decided to spend this Easter weekend with my family at my family home writing by the perfect pool. It’s been 3 months in the Protégé Programme, mid-point review is coming soon & nearly 5 months into 2019. I’m taking this moment to reflect on my progress & action plan since it is a commitment I made to myself. I have never done it with so much depth & rigour before. I still haven’t gotten used to publishing my goals & progress publicly even though I’ve been writing down & tracking my goals for myself over the past 6 years. Not sure if I ever will get used to publishing but this is a start. What’s prominent & distinctive during this reflection process is my transformation from beyond just action planning (what to eat, how to eat, let’s get fit etc) but tactical & strategic moves. It sure is the perfect timing that I am part of this amazing programme to build my year 2020 & beyond!! How exciting!!!

Spark JOY in everything that I do! (lol)

What drives me?

Triggered by someone’s question to me just as we were both leaving the office at 5pm on Thursday to catch my flight, I realized – It is not money. I believe money will come eventually if I’m doing a great job & doing what I love. I naturally strive for the best, play to win & having an adventure. Dad has always said, “Money is the by product of your efforts. When you’re so good at what you do, it will come eventually. So don’t chase money but chase your passions then make your money work for you! However, you need keep yourself happy while doing all that!

That’s what I wore on my wrist for 18 years – A Navy Blue Tag Heuer 2000 Professional Series that Dad bought using the money I doubled in shares in 1998. That’s all my savings as a kid! I recalled that afternoon when Dad presented me the watch while picking me up from the tennis court. I wasn’t feeling that great & was already almost in tears. I was trashed 8-0 in my 1 st ever tennis tournament in the U-12 Girls age group & I decided I wanted to be a champion. My first question was “Why did you spend all my money on a watch?” He replied “This watch will last you a lifetime. Whenever you look at your watch, it will remind you that you never work for money but make your money work for you.”

Since 13 years old until my tennis died from an injury (& my world collapsed), I would go to school for 7hrs, then train for tennis 3-4hrs, then private tuition or homework time while trading NYSE online 2hrs Monday to Friday. That was my >60 hrs per week where my day ends at midnight & starts at 7am. No one asked me to do it this way but that was the tennis dream I chased. Talk about passion & dedication! I know my parents & I was bad mouthed by family & other kids who didn’t understand, jealousy by insecure parents because I became my coaches’ & teachers’ pet… but there’s a reason & it’s NOT MONEY! I’ve also never bought another watch or wore any other watch until 15 years later when I finally found the next watch I wanted, a rare collectors’ item that is not for daily use.

Ever since then, I have always collected meaningful watches to mark every celebratory occasion in my career.

Snoopy says “Eyes on the stars”

What is my passion & dream?

My passion is to climb mountains, sail oceans, explore the deep seas & live my adventure. I have added “explore the deep seas” because that’s what connected my parents & Dad’s biggest passion. It is something I need to get started & hopefully have 1 more dive before Dad gets too old. My dream is to give & contribute to the greater good of the world in climate change, environment & humanity. But I won’t “try to serve tea” when I have none. I’m unable to make a difference if I don’t have the resources (time, money, energy) myself. Regardless, I believe I can always do it in my own little way. I will spend my resources in meaningful ways for beautiful causes filled with smiles, sunshine & positive vibes. Mom always reminded me “Look after yourself first, then the family/home & everything else will fall into place but don’t forget to share the love & compassion outside.”

That’s probably why today, my daily watch of choice is a 36mm Omega James Bond 50th Anniversary Limited Edition because I am inspired to live a James Bond life full of badass adventures & abundance (because I’m a lucky girl!). 🙂 🙂 🙂

James Bond 50th Anniversary Limited Edition – A watch for all occasion for a sporty lady.

What is my AHA so far in my 1st quarter life?

I have multiple mentors over a wide demographic range – age, gender, industry & geography! Which then made me believe they are My Personal Board of Directors in Life. They comprise of self-made business owners, C-suite corporate people, lawyers, fund managers & coaches but they all have 1-thing in common – A life passion for excellence & adventure! They are world-class in their profession yet exceptional in everything else they do especially adventures. They are just 1 email, 1 call or 1 flight away if I need them. It has led me to believe that I am living such a blessed life that I have nothing to hold me back unless I lose my mind or my health. The issue is I don’t think I quite know what is my true calling yet that will lead me to a breakthrough. And so far, I still haven’t been able to answer the question “what is my BIGGEST FAILURE in life to date?” I think it’s because every downfall to date has only gotten me higher, wiser & stronger in my first quarter life!!! ❤

In Zurich collecting Snoopy – Snoopy says “Failure is NOT an option”

“Through valleys & hills, fake summits & swampy fields… You gotta keep walking till you reach the mountain that is worth climbing. Then, and only then, the real climb begins.”

Unknown (but I am in process of building capability to climb a summit that is worth it!)
Easter Homework – STOP – Eat, Sleep, Think, Breathe & Blog

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