Rambling #10 – You think you have time, but actually you don’t!

Oh my goodness! It’s already mid-March & I haven’t restarted my climbing & training back in Singapore. It’s been 3 weeks since I landed on this island of 100% humidity & I’m feeling rather lethargic. The only time I have climbed was going up the mast of a boat. Work has been crazy, passport is expiring, I need to go home to Malaysia, I need to fix my tooth (overdue since Jan), I need to go sailing to stay happy & I can’t keep up with my homework… not to mention I need some sleep, do the dirty laundry & feed myself… Ooops!

Well I better get my act together because Team Mighty Mouse’s plan for 2019 is confirmed a GO. We’ve all signed up to be together again. This is the trial run & training for Project 7XXX since I still have a serious job for work. At least, I enjoy what I do now with pretty fun challenges so that’s nice. I have 3 potential candidates who might be on this expedition with me. Let’s see who’d make it to the trial of Project 7XXX. There is a possibility that no one will & that’s perfectly OK too. Team Mighty Mouse is in my heart & to the core!

In fact after my Mountaineering Course in New Zealand, I am rather embarrassed now to tell people I did what I did or be called a Mountaineer because I almost feel I don’t deserve it given my knowledge is almost zero back then. All I did was listened to Karma Sherpa, learn on the go, execute well & keep going with the right pace. It was my fitness & determination that helped me succeed. My favourite quotes that still make me giggle sometimes “Today you shall play my game. No SWEATY BACK!” … “NO we cannot stop!” … “Don’t forget to move your fingers, toes”,.. fingers, toes, fingers, toes x 100 times per day …. “If you can’t climb, I’ll push your bum from behind all the way to the top & then tie you up & drop you down like our baggage!”

What is Team Mighty Mouse doing this year? Well, I can neither describe nor can I explain because Google doesn’t know! OMG Goo Goo doesn’t know!?!?? What I do know is we have to move faster & harder this time because I must return on time for work! Anyhow, isn’t it more exciting when Google can’t answer all the questions? Doesn’t it make you wonder why people don’t go there? Are you curious what it would feel like being at the top?? That’s as much as I can say & rest assured, I am NOT doing something illegal but I am indeed climbing HARDER & HIGHER &the only way to find out is to go there. I shall answer Goo Goo when I finish. 🙂

So, Karma Sherpa is excited to meeting the NEW & UPGRADED me & I am very excited to reunite Team Mighty Mouse & see all my friends again in Kathmandu to celebrate a Double Doo, too! ❤

Begin with the end in mind! ❤

“Find a way, not an excuse”

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