Rambling #9 – My Wish List – From Beer Zero to Top Gear

Can you name them all?

It’s been more than 6 months now that my alcohol consumption has been at an all time low – Slab of beer still exists on the boat, my wine collection is still here & my bubble stash became gifts for my fine friends instead of making me fine. Today, I enjoy my sips & not my gulps! I cherish meaningful conversations & good company not meaningless, wild parties. I’m into quality & not quantity. I guess there was a moment of realization after my 3 Peaks climb last year that I’ve decided to fine tune my life to ONLY what matters. And yet the Crazy’n’Fun-O-Meter hasn’t dropped a single notch! In fact, I’m climbing higher, sailing faster & working harder, too!! WoW Super COOL!!

What I really need is fitness, skills & time! Not more unnecessary materials or alcohol, a painkiller/suppressant that does me no good. In fact, I’m better & happier without them.

So, here’s a list of gear that I still need to invest on for my Project 7XXX with Team Mighty Mouse & Friends. In case you’d like to buy me a gift for my Birthday or Christmas, please contribute to this list to help me fulfill my dream. Alternatively, if you’re travelling from US, you can also help me transport stuff to Singapore. Otherwise, just a lil kind thought with love will do. ❤

So, THANKS in advance for all the love! Like always I only wish for good people & good vibes wherever I go… then life will work itself out with badass adventures! ❤ ❤ ❤

PS: I need some of the items before Oct’19 this year. .. Hint Hint… Yes, Team Mighty Mouse has a mini but strong game plan for 2019 that Goo Goo doesn’t even know! 😉

Note: This list has been customized by the pros to fit the petite, lil Me & my X-treme adventures. Apparently, every gram, length & width matters more so to me than a standard size human being so unfortunately, I’ll have to be real picky & choose wisely. 🙂

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