Rambling #6 – 9 Days of Intense Incredible 1sts

Team Hunny Bun – Lacie coming up on Hochstetter Dome (2810m) – Photo by Jamie R.

It’s been the most intense incredible 9 days of accelerated learning I’ve ever had in my life!!! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine myself being this person today. Not even 6 months ago! I knew what I wanted & who I wanted to become 2 years ago but I didn’t know how nor did I know if I could. The realization moment was on 3 Passes Trek with Mom on route to Dzong La. I recall blurting out to Mom back then “I want to be like those cool kids climbing peaks!” when 3 climbers walked past us with lots of rope coiled to their bodies, carrying ice axes, hammer & ice stakes.

In summary, here are the Top 5 Intense Incredible Firsts in my Climbing journey:-

  • My 1st indoor climbing experience – Lead climb, top rope climb (& belaying) on 20m indoor wall
  • My 1st self arrest & crevasse rescue (self & buddy)
  • My 1st multi-pitch ice climbing to a summit – Hochstetter Dome (2810m)
  • My 1st vertical ice climbing on the glacier
  • My 1st outdoor rock climbing experience – Top roping Level 15 ~35m in a single pitch (apparently people start with 10m first not 35m!)

In this Alpine Skills Course with Alpine Guides, like always.. (yes I believe i’m a lucky girl 🙂 ), I’ve been blessed with the best coaches. Both Roy & Jamie are full IFMGA guides (which is like the PhD in Mountaineering) with quirky personalities & a tonne of experience. They are licensed to lead any expedition on any mountain in the world. Both whom I believe have destroyed all my fear factor, self-doubt & self-limiting beliefs after 8 days with them. They really know how to push my limits to near breaking point & almost in tears to show me what I’m really made of & the capabilities I didn’t know I have. When things got real tough, they didn’t let me give up & I’m glad I didn’t either.

I’m also blessed to share this journey with 5 other random individuals (now my new friends) who were very patient with me when I felt I was the weakest link having little background & knowledge in climbing. I truly cherish their help, words of encouragement & our homework time together after dinner to recap what we learned & a bit more practice. I don’t think I could ask for a better random bunch of people really! The kind of people I want to keep in my heart & go on more adventures with in the future! ❤

You’re probably thinking – So what is the difference between what I did in my Nepal 6000m Peaks Circuit last Oct & Alpine Skills Course?

The difference is this time, I learned theories & practice. I did everything on my own from gearing up, roping up, building systems & execution with Team Hunny Bun, Lacie. Our instructors would do a safety check & correct us before we leave the safe zone. We were also utilizing a variety of technical skills & techniques in the course including rescue. In Nepal, Karma Sherpa did 80% of the tasks for me. I just needed to follow instructions, execute well (mostly just ice axe & crampons) & endure the journey. There was little skills & technique from me. By right, the course should be 1st then comes my expedition. But heyho, let’s go zero to hero! 🙂

Lesson – Want to know what you’re really made of?

Invest your time, money & effort with amazing people who loves what they do, sees the potential in you & knows how to bring the best out of you. Get involved with an open heart, open mind & unlimited willingness to learn. That’s when magic happens. You will discover things you never knew you could do!

Alright folks… All caught up with the overdue posts… Watch this space next week for My Personal Journal & Equipment List to find out more on the details & YESSS MORE PHOTOS, too! 😊

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