Rambling #4 – Project 7XXX – Ready for Launch 🚀

It’s the final week of January 2019 & I’m declaring… dum dum dum (*drum roll pls*)… “What is NEXT!?!?” A question that I ask myself & everyone asks me, too, every single year. There are some years, I really just don’t know, such as 2015. I thought I knew 2018 but I didn’t, yet it worked out amazingly. It’s been 6 years in a row that I’ve managed to live life for me, as me… 1 year, 1 project at a time, at my pace, my game plan.

I can’t reveal too much details just yet but Project 7XXX is in the making. You know how I love to cook? So this is slow cooking in my pot & when it’s done, it should unleash the flavour of a true adventure. Why walk the path that everyone else has travelled when there are so many other options to explore, to be exciting, real & authentic??

All terrain packing from the Summit to the Sea – Ice, Glacier, Rock, Road & Boat
11.55pm Final Friday training

This project will take about 2 years to build so I can’t be the usual crazy impatient bullish me. It has to be carefully crafted with love & patience to achieve the WoW factor that I’m looking for. Once again, at my pace, my game plan. I am not competing with anyone but myself nor am I in comparison to the inspiring, sensational people in my life OR the likes of professionals such as Mike Horn, Alex Thompson, Jimmy Chin, Killian Jornet & Emelie Forsberg. Of course, it’s my dream too but at this stage, I don’t know if I can make it in this lifetime just yet but let’s start! They didn’t get to where they are without the 1st step. Like Uncle V says “Did you think I was born to be a CEO of a multimillion dollar business or to climb Everest Summit???

So, I have completed Month 1. I’m flying out soon, bags packed, money spent, energy invested & homework is done. Let’s set Month 2 in motion, lay a solid foundation & get the momentum going.

Who is in Project 7XXX?

Team Might Mouse & Friends – Yup. Karma Sherpa is the Xped boss, my Sirdar. We will create a team and I will bring along only 1 special guest. Maybe 1 more by exception, only if the individual is truly exceptional, fun & a good fit to Team Mighty Mouse.

How to bring Project 7XXX to life?

I don’t sleep because sleep is for the weak like Naomi Osaka puts it. Just kidding! I sleep about 5-6hrs a day because I am here to make my dreams come true & I can sleep forever when I am dead. So below is what I will focus on that will bring Project 7XXX to life.

#1 – My Life Purpose & Values – Minor Tweak

  • To inspire people of all ages especially women to take action, be fearless & live the life you want to live,
  • To encourage men to be allies of women & treat them as equal just like the sensational men in my life who sailed the world, climbed Everest Summit & are also awe-inspiring leaders.

I am writing this blog because I hear you & I feel for you over the years. I think you speak to me because you know me as Me – Just another human being who is authentic & truthful, trying to find a deeper meaning in life & live life to my highest potential. I am not some far fetched extraordinaire from another galaxy. It makes me happy when you’re excited about my adventures. It makes me even happier when you come back to tell me you went off & had your own adventure! So I am going to continue to spread this infectious love, craziness & joy of adventures like the way my friends in Paris puts it! (Is this a French expression??)

I must admit I am also feeling vulnerable with a hint of fear & insecurity because I am publicly declaring my project, my dream. However, I also have a flair of confidence that I will succeed given I have done it many times before. The learning, journey & experience is far greater & more enriching to my soul than any of my worries today when its done… for the better or worse. So JUST DO IT!

#2 – My Life Principles – No change

“You got to want it before you can have it” – Daddy Tan

This is something the Tan kids were raised with. It can be a bit problematic at home managing us when were growing up but we were always encouraged to make our own decisions, fail , learn & try again… as long as it was our decision & we were fully aware of the consequences. For instance, I chose which pre-school I wanted to attend. So did my brother & the twins. Now most parents in my Malaysian culture would say that we were super spoilt because of the freedom to choose & the freedom to be us. But there’s never the blame game when something did not work. It just means we have to speak up, ask for help & fix it! 😛

Dad sent me this many years ago as reminder

#3 – Improve productivity – GAME UP!

Part 1 – 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris

This concept was introduced to me 4 years ago. I must admit it has worked extremely well in my life. Like all things, the more the practice, the easier & better it becomes. Otherwise, I would not have been able to do all the things I do today which makes some you think I don’t work. Maybe I enjoy what you consider as work but to me, it’s not. Regardless, I found a way to work smarter by making brutal conscious efforts to – Eliminate, Simplify, Automate, Delegate activities.

  • Outsource all non-meaningful, non-revenue, non-joyful activities
  • If I don’t love it, I don’t it… let’s keep it to the bare minimum. 🙂
  • Leverage online shopping so I don’t spend time searching for groceries & stuff in the mall.
  • If you haven’t read the book, here’s the link:- https://fourhourworkweek.com/
  • If you want to know my tips & tricks, you can buy me a coffee. (Hint: It all started from my Special Friday Night Dinners!)

I’m sure Tim Ferris doesn’t truly work only 4 hours a week. Perhaps he loves what he does & doesn’t consider it work. Work doesn’t always have to be painful, you know. It can be meaningful & joyful, too.

Part 2 – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Franklin Covey

Similarly, I’ve been brutally truthful to myself about it until I’m satisfied with the outcome! I dislike inefficiencies & ineffectiveness because my time = my precious life and I respect the same for others. If you don’t know what they are, here’s the link:- https://www.franklincovey.com/the-7-habits.html

Then ultimately, it’s eat, sleep, work, train & repeat! 1 – 2 – 3 – all the above. And, BOOM 💥 when the time is right! 😁

That’s all for this week! It’s going to be very busy year ahead. If you are curious, just follow #Project7XXX & if you’re interested in the 1 & only special guest position or simply want to contribute, just talk me! Enjoy your adventure while I live mine! ❤️🙏✨💫

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