Rambling #2 – Truth about Training

HR for 1hr of trekking the treadmill at 15% incline, 3.6km/h with 10kg pack

IT HURTS! Always (at least the beginning)… 2 weeks back in the game plan & I could hardly get out of bed on Saturday. My suspects…

  1. New boots, new shoes, new gear for the new year
  2. 1st time back on the treadmill trek with a 10kg pack
  3. 1st climbing class on Thursday (& the incorrect one from 0 to Level 9!)
11pm – Looking like a Mad Monkey

I sensed I also lost so much body mass in my last expedition that I have a pretty long way to rebuild. Beyond ~5500m in altitude, our bodies are actually dying very slowly without us realizing. I guess I was wasting away up there.
Furthermore, I’ve hardly had any training since I got back 2 months ago to prioritize on my new job & settling back to island life ASAP. Restarting my beast mode regime means I have to go through a painful phase of being all very achey & super sore (including my fingers & toes!) and constantly adjusting my daily schedule to fit everything in.

On a positive note, I haven’t been eating nor drinking too much over the festive period! Despite my change in preferences, thank goodness I still love & can’t get enough of boat life!! ❤

Well, there’s not much time left before I go to hardcore school so I better pump it up!

Average is not in my vocabulary!

Nothing went according to plan this time...  so let's try again! 🙂

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