The Game Plan for 2019 – Let’s Play


2018 was a complete whirlwind when life threw me curveballs but I miraculously hit home runs with them. I wouldn’t call this luck neither would I take credit for any skill but 1 thing for sure, I learned to play outside of my comfort zone on a pitch I’ve never played before. I continued to take each bat with my eyes on the ball with high confidence from my gut feel, my intuition & trusted the accuracy of my inner compass. I played with the “unknowns”, took calculated risks 1 swing at a time & followed through. I don’t quite remember who I was in 2018, but I know who I’ve become from all the life lessons I encountered. I’ve also come to believe that this is what major changes is all about. Shake up & WAKE UP!

So here we are in 2019, knowing only 8%-9% of the population achieve their New Year’s Resolution by year end & >50% drop out by mid-year, what’s my game plan for this year?

2019 Goals

  1. Mountaineering 

I know what I want in this lifetime & I’m going to get there. BOOM! All booked & paid… I’m going to climbing school in New Zealand for a start & train at least once a week in a climbing gym in Singapore.

  1. Sailing

A passion I can neither slack nor neglect just because my life is mostly mad. I will sail in a country I’ve never sailed before to accumulate more nautical miles & continue to build my skills because ultimately, I want to set sail for Neverland till forever ends.

  1. Photography & Writing

In 2014, I kicked off the year with Project 365 – A Picture a Day in 2014. An unexpected turned amazing project that had me winning Women of Singapore Photo Contest, got my 1st publishing in a local newspaper, some travel agent stole my travel photos for his website (I take it as a compliment!), I made many new friends & enriched many souls by 31 Dec 2014. A project I started out of love for photography on 1st Jan 2014 during hangover brunch & who knew it went to the extent as a very much loved project by MANY.

This year 2019, I have decided to pick up my proper camera again to compliment a new beginning, writing! The calling to write has been consistent for many years & recently, it got very loud & clear from many voices. It has always been my secret love affair since high school & so perhaps it’s time that I listen & take action with this 1st baby step to start – Blog with XJ’s Random Rambles Reinvented – A post per week in 2019. So watch this space & let’s see how this unfolds.

  1. My Corporate Life

The one that pays all my bills, fund my adventures and at times, suck the life out of me, too. Well, I can’t be more blessed to have landed in a role where I’ve been told to “Go map the adventure!” & “Run the business like it’s yours!”. That’s music to my ears & has relight the fire in my heart. I’m not expecting it to be easy nor do I want it to be easy because then anyone can do it but as Confucius puts it “if you choose a job you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” So I count my blessings & will make my blessings count. Let’s GO & rock’n’roll!

  1. Family

Always my #1 – This is a given but in 2019, I will step up my game for the family. With some setbacks & challenges in 2018, I will be more proactive & in touch regardless if it is Beach House, the far away Tans, the Farm etc. Our core family values, principles & standards of excellence shall never be compromised. Mom always say “Have a happy home & at least 60% if not more of your problems are gone, so you can do more outside!”

So let the adventure of 2019 begin from here & I wish for a “Happy Home, Happy Heart, Happy Year/Life!”. And, I wish everyone the best of health, success & happiness in 2019 regardless if you’ve read this far or not!

Remember – Only 8%-9% succeed in their New Year’s Resolution so choose wisely! Good luck!

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